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Need for a Well-Directed Muslim Response

Salman Ahmed Shaikh Some of the non-Muslim contemporaries of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to tease Him (PBUH) during His life. Qur’an mentions that people who did not believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called upon Prophet (PBUH) in words which had … Continue reading

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Ethics and Economics

Salman Ahmed Shaikh As much as people can be selfish, they can be altruist as well. They have free will and they can be as much responsible as they can be reckless. What we need is a conditioning mechanism that … Continue reading

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Islamic Perspective on Gender Issues and Development

Salman Ahmed Shaikh Institution of family is highly respected in Islam. Women are indispensable part of this institution. As per Islamic worldview, mental and physical capabilities that we enjoy are the blessings of Allah and we hold them as a … Continue reading

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Universal Ethics and Islam

Salman Ahmed Shaikh It is often asked that the ethical side of Islam that Muslims explain is also present in other religions and doctrines. Then, what is so special in quoting universal ethics in defense of Islam’s uniqueness? One must … Continue reading

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Recent Controversies about Freedom of Speech

Salman Ahmed Shaikh Once the disbelievers injured Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) so much that His (pbuh) shoes got filled with blood. But, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) only asked mercy of Allah for them. He (pbuh) forgave those in Fath-e-Makkah who tortured Him … Continue reading

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Political Economy from Islamic Standpoint

Salman Ahmed Shaikh Samuel Huntington in his book raised the debate of clash of civilizations and argued that Islam has ‘bloody borders’. But, the data on actual military expenditures paints a very different picture and confirms that almost all major … Continue reading

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