A research project devoted to understanding Islamic teachings related to economics.


At the theoretical and philosophical level, the project endeavors to explore and explain the teachings of Islam and the Islamic worldview. It will strive to understand the impact of Islamic teachings and worldview on the values, preferences and behavior of an individual and the effect of these on the socioeconomic relations.

At the applied level, the project aims to research on institutions which are consistent with Islamic principles and teachings and which can help in solving the problems of poverty, unemployment, inequality and multidimensional underdevelopment at the broader level and also enable the fulfillment of contemporary needs of modern societies and economies.

At the analytical level, the project strives to critically, objectively and (to the extent possible) empirically appraise the institutions – both contemporary and theoretical – which aim to cure the above ills and fulfill contemporary needs of modern societies and economies.

Project’s Goals

  • The project will try to support and promote research and researchers in Islamic economics.
  • The project will strive to promote its research at various platforms including research conferences, seminars and public talks.
  • The project will attempt to foster healthy debates and aims to become a think tank in Islamic economics.

How You Can Participate

  • By praying before Allah for guidance for all of us.
  • Reading the project’s research.
  • Writing in-depth articles for the project.
  • Providing feedback and criticism.
  • Encouraging others in your network who have interest in Sociology, Philosophy, Economics and Religion to read the project’s content and contribute in improving it.

Project’s Reach

  • IEP website has been visited by people from more than 140+ countries and it has received more than 130,000+ hits in just a very short span of time.

Project’s Future Plans

  • Prepare multimedia rich presentations to introduce principles of Islamic economics.
  • Translate the content in Urdu and Arabic.
  • Arrange exclusive sessions on Islamic economics in colleges and universities.

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